Welcome to PJT site

Each year, the College of Technology produces 10,000 engineers, yielding almost half million alumni by now.

PJT aims to put together, via NPO-like activities, the ideas and talents of these half million alumni members, who are active not only in Japan but also in other Asian countries.  Through these activities, PJT trusts that a sustainable society will be maintained, in an increasingly elderly population, especially in the Japanese countryside.

Talents of the alumni members can be entered onto the PJT website, and PJT will try to connect these alumni with business counterparts.  The registered information is the common property of the Alumni, who can be linked together through PJT website.

PJT welcomes your ideas and participation.  Let’s create new business together, since PJT believes in the Power of the Alumni!!

Lastly, PJT thanks Professor Adrian Harris of the University of Oxford, UK, for his suggestion on this project (see attached photo of Professor Harris).


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